Happy Spring

On The Run


Happy Spring, even if it may not feel like it.  This is the time renewal and a great time to start getting yourself into shape.  The quickest and easiest way is to start a running or walking program.  There are many apps and on-line help, or ask a running friend for ideas on how to start.  One of the most simple is the walk/run or walk/walk faster between utility poles  No app or watch needed.  Just alternate at each pole you see.  It gives you a goal, usually not a long stretch, with an end in sight.  You can then start running or fast walking two poles, walking one, or make up a fun game for yourself.


No one has claimed the first win of the 7-Eleven $20 Merchandise Card offered by The White Mountain MIlers and North Conway’s 7-Eleven.

As a White Mountain Miler Member, place in the top three places overall or in the top three places in the race recognized age category, take a photo of yourself wearing your White Mountain Miler Clothing and Race Bib,  email the photo to Frank Holmes fbholmesnaep@gmail.com and collect your $20 7-Eleven Merchandise Card.  You can purchase your clothing at any Miler event or by contacting Frank Holmes.


When I first joined the White Mountain Milers, there were only two or three races in the Mount Washington Valley.  We would carpool to races, traveling 2 hours or more, run a 5K race, (back then in 20-30 minutes) and then drive home.  It was fun travelling with everyone, but now there are so many races here that it may be hard to choose, or you could run a race each weekend day on some weeks.  Many of these races can be used to take on the Miler Challenge.  The Feelin’ Good 5K Chili Cook Off, sponsored by the White Mountain Milers and the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce, takes place on Saturday, April 8.  The 5k route will circle around the downtown area.  All entrants receive discounts to local businesses, entrance to the Chili Cook Off, and entrance to the Abenaki Trail Chili Cook Off Award Ceremony.  More information at whitemountainmilers.com.  Proceeds from this race go to the Gretchen B. Hatch Scholarship, awarded to High School Seniors each year.


On April 29, the First Annual 5K Family Fun Trail Run will take place at White Mountain Waldorf School.  Runreg.com will give you registration and there’s a price for individuals, children, and a family rate.  Proceeds of this race will go to the Waldorf School.


Races in May are on the 6th, the Running Rascals 5K in Effingham.  A fun, low key, low cost race, the proceeds from this race support the Elementary School’s Running Club to provide uniforms and equipment. See whitemountainmilers.com for more information.


May 11 starts the Solomon Spring Trail Run/Walk Series at Great Glen Trails. For eight weeks, racers can run or walk the long, short or mini courses between 3:30 and 7:00 p.m. Go to greatglentrails.com for more information.  

May 13th is the Dirty Girl Trail Race, a 10K Trail Run, taking place on the beautiful trail network at Tin Mountain in Albany.  More info at runreg.com.


June heralds the start of the White Mountain Milers Summer Trail Race Series.  This is a free eight week series run in Whitaker Woods at 5:30 each Tuesday.  Whitemountainmilers.com for more info.


The White Mountain Miler Cranmore Hill Climb will be taking place July 9, at Cranmore.  This is the throwback race with only the uphill to conquer and only one time.  The Cranmore Hill Climb on June 3 promises at least one lap up and down the mountain and is the USATF Mountain Running Championship.


The 4th Buck for Bernie’s Kids is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, July 28 and July 29.  What could be more fun than running in circles for 24 hours with at least 40 of your new and old friends, sleeping in short naps, and non-stop laughter. Whitemountainmilers.com for more info.


Pick any of these races for fun, competition, experience, adventure, and start training.  More races may be found on whitemountainmilers.com and nerunner.com


Kennett High School Track Meets are Tuesday April 25 and Tuesday May 9.  Contact Coach Bernie Livingston at bliv03818@yahoo.com  or 603-447-6626, to volunteer.  Coach Bernie says the meets couldn’t happen without your help.  He also emphasizes that other coaches always applaud Kennett High School for holding such well run events.  

Also, new this year, on May 27, at 2 PM, the Division II Track and Field Meet will be held at KHS.  Volunteers are needed to help with the concession stand which should be a very profitable business for the Kennett Teams. There will be 23 schools in attendance and help is needed.  Contact Ellen Caputo to volunteer e_caputo@sau9.org or 603-731-1009.


The next and final breakfast run of the year will be held on Sunday, April 2, again at the home of Steve and Cathy Dowling. We’ll gather, pick a walk/run distance, return for the best potluck brunch ever.  I’m starting to look for a new recipe.  If I run out of time, there’s always baked goods from Olde Village Bakery or Vintage Bakery!  Hope to see you there!


“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”  –Charles Dickens



Upcoming Races and Weekly Runs: (Please note: All of these events listed are for runners and walkers!)


  • Every Wednesday, Breakfast Run: 6:45 a.m. walk/run and 7 a.m., with 4-mile and 3-mile loops. Meet behind the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. Followed by breakfast at Stairway Cafe.
  • Sunday Group Runs: Check whitemountainmilers.com or White Mountain Milers on Facebook for details. (whitemountainmilers.com)
  • Sunday, Apr 2:  White Mountain Milers Breakfast Run  whitemountainmilers.com
  • Saturday April 8: Feelin’ Good 5K Chili Cookoff, North Conway http://www.runreg.com
  • Saturday April 29: 5K Trail Run at White Mountain Waldorf School Whitemountainwaldorf.org
  • Saturday May 6: Running Rascals 5K  whitemountainmilers.com
  • Saturday Jun 10:  5K Color Run for Fun facebook.com/events/1292549160842161


Donna Cormier is an avid runner and walker, cyclist, hiker, paddleboarder, skier, and massage therapist with a new office at 50 Seavey Street, NoCo. For more running information, ideas and contributions, race reviews and results, reach Donna at dmcorm21@gmail.com See you on the run!




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