Scavenger Hunt and Running

On The Run


Want to run a half marathon that guarantees beer, hot dogs and the beach waiting at the finish line?  Marc Ohlson and his son Gabe were among the 27,400 runners who ran the 2017 Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon.  The race, run on May 17, started at the Brooklyn Museum, circled Grand Army Plaza, looped around hilly Prospect Park, flattened out along Ocean Parkway, and ended on the iconic Coney Island boardwalk.

May 17.  Marc finished with a time of 1:34:26.  I couldn’t get Gabe’s time but he did say he couldn’t run with his dad as they had different corral numbers for different start times. With that many runners, like the Boston Marathon, they need to stagger the start. Gabe is home from Bozeman, MT for the summer so I’m hoping we see this father son duo running more races together.


On the local scene, Christine Smith and Mike Bryan took firsts in their race divisions in the Stow Maine 5K.  I don’t know much more about this race except it looked like Mike and Christine had fun and they won 7-Eleven gas cards for placing in their divisions while running in their White Mountain Miler T-Shirts! Milers Veep Frank Holmes came up with this idea and 7-Eleven was very generous with their support, and I think it’s working!  Congratulations to all the winners so far, and I hope to hear more about this Stow race for next year.  Everyone knows the ice cream scoop at the Stow Store, now a race, too?  


The race season is in full swing with the 5K Color Run taking place on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, at Believe in Books, Hundred Acre Woods.  The Division II Track and Field Meet will be held at KHS today, so check out the best in the high schools from around the state.  

Cynthia’s Challenge 5k is next Sunday, June 4, and the White Mountain Miler Summer Series in Whitaker Woods starts on Tuesday, June 6.  Remember, this weekly series is free, open to all ages and runners and walkers.

On June 10th, you have your choice of a 5K Color Run in Fryeburg, or a 10 Mile Black Fly in my Eye Trail Race or Relay at Great Glen Trails.  This race is labeled as a, “trail running race that’s 100% New Hampshire”.  This means beautiful views, single track, mud, carriage roads, and a river crossing.  Oh, and as the name implies, you may get a black fly in the eye, or mouth, or ears, or, well, you name it!  Gee, too bad I have to work!


As I finish up this column, I have to send a big thank you to Bagels Plus for once again organizing the Jen’s Friends Scavenger Hunt, which was held Wednesday, May 24.  Remember the Champagne Stampede of yesteryear?  Well, this is along the same idea except you get to drive everywhere so teams are limited to 5 members and the clues are all handed out at once on race start. This year’s event saw the largest number of teams who were dressed as not so elegant prom goers, Jen’s Friends 5, Blind Mice and Farmer’s Wife, my team, the Walking Dreads, and many others.  The crowd favorite was the Stephen King themed Needful Things Team, complete with the twins from the Shining.  If you think tourists look at us locals differently at times, you should have seen the looks from tourists and locals on Wednesday night as we did the macarena in supermarkets, sang songs in local eateries, and proposed to total strangers! Much fun was had by all and funds raised for Jen’s Friends and all they do for those fighting cancer and its effect on their lives.  Thank you Bagels Plus.


Upcoming Races and Weekly Runs: (Please note: All of these events listed are for runners and walkers!)


  • Every Wednesday, Breakfast Run: 6:45 a.m. walk/run and 7 a.m., with 4-mile and 3-mile loops. Meet behind the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. Followed by breakfast at Stairway Cafe.
  • Sunday Group Runs: Check or White Mountain Milers on Facebook for details. (
  • Thursday May 11-June 29: Solomon Spring Trail Run/Walk Series, every Thursday.
  • Saturday May 27: Division II Track and Field Meet will be held at KHS
  • Monday May 29: Race for Reading: A Color 5K,
  • Sunday Jun 4: 5K walk/run to benefit Cynthia’s Challenge.Danforth Bay 5K
  • Tuesday Jun 6: 1st in the White Mountain Milers Trail Race Series – 5:30
  • Saturday Jun 10:  5K Color Run for Fun
  • Saturday Jun 10: There’s a Black Fly in my Eye, 10 Mile & Relay, Great Glen Trails



Donna Cormier is an avid runner and walker, cyclist, hiker, paddleboarder, skier, and massage therapist with a new office at 50 Seavey Street, NoCo. For more running information, ideas and contributions, race reviews and results, reach Donna at See you on the run!





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