Bucks for Bernie’s Kids 24 Hour Relay 2017, Run and Done

On The Run   08/02/17.  BucksforBerniesKids2017

Where do you begin to write about 24 hours of running, cheering on runners, calculating mile times, counting laps, trying to sleep, trying to eat, staying warm, keeping hydrated, running to good and bad music and trying not to get too carried away with the giggles, all while raising money for a good cause?

The Bucks for Bernie’s Kids 24-Hour Relay took place on Friday, July 28 beginning at 6 PM, and concluded on Saturday, July 29, at 6 PM.  Thirty people circled the track for 24 hours with the “kids” team taking on 12 hours. The relay race is a fund raiser for Kennett High and Middle School Cross Country and Track Team Uniforms and took place at the Livingston Oval at Kennett High School.  This 24 hour span was the best, driest, and coolest evening in the four year history of the relay. Steve Dowling moved the race from August to July and couldn’t have picked a better weekend.

The race has progressed from it’s earlier times when we had multiple tents set up, a grass track, and luminaries, coleman lanterns, and flashlights at the old Kennett HIgh School Track.  We still have some tents, but the parking lot at the new high school housed a half dozen campers complete with additional changing rooms, lights, music, and a real track!  We had costume, tutu, wigs, and a Jim Soroka Mile complete with straw hats.

Team Night Eaglez and their fastest mile split were Chloe VanDyne 6:40, Taylor Pettelle 6:55, Kaitlyn Fay 6:09, Logan Hagerty 5:38 the fastest mile time after midnight be a male runner, Brianna Desharnais 6:46, Andy Belle Isle 6:37, Mike Bowles 6:56, Kim Bowles 6:37, Celia Lynn 7:40, Abby Desmarais 7:39, Grace Perley 7:39, and Nadia VanDyne 8:57.  

Team Bernie’s Babes were Michelle Henley 6:45, Sherri Desmarais 9:56, Kim Proulx 6:49, Cathy Livingston 7:09, Steph Miller 7:58, Kim Stephen 6:55, Kathleen Murdough 9:31, Rachel Miller 7:38, Terry Ballou 5:55 fastest women’s mile after midnight, and Suz Laughland 6:35.

Team Do the Math, Kathy Johnson 8:45, Katja Fox 6:38, Theresa Struble 9:15, Mary Nagel 8:19, Margie Riforgiato 9:01, Mike Bryan 8:23, Meghan Breton 8:08, Ruth Hamilton 8:47, Matteo Lentini 8:45, and Bride-to-Be Mamie Dowling 8:57.

Team Maniac Milers Isaiah Johnson 7:30, Donna Cormier 8:57, Bob Benes 8:34, Ashley Benes 7:45, Matt Gavett 9:10, Laura Holtby 7:57, Andrea Leonard 6:54, Rich Leonard 9:12, Ewa Johnson 7:10, and Christine Smith 9:20.

Thank you to the Livingston’s for their support, especially Eileen’s musical talents, and to the “kids” parents who stayed through the night keeping an eye on all of us. A special thank you to Big Dave’s Bagels and Deli, and Starbucks North Conway for providing breakfast to all the relay runners and walkers on Saturday morning, and to Profile Subaru for sponsoring the high school team of runners.

Over 200 runners and Kevin Callahan signed up for the Julbo and Salomon Sponsored White Mountain Milers Summer Race Series this year.  This was the final week for scoring, with over 80 runners and walkers and according to Tim Livingston, many prize winning places were still in contention. The series awards night will be on Tuesday, August 15.  Although the summer series will end, the walking and running Tuesday nights will continue throughout the summer and fall until the light fails us.  No timing will be offered except by self timing   

Good luck to everyone running today, August 5th.  You may be running the         Midnight Owl 15k Prediction Run in North Conway, the George Dole 3 Miler in Fryeburg or the Freedom Old Home Week in Freedom. Don’t forget to wear White Mountain Miler Clothing and if you place, send a photo with your place and time along to Frank Holmes at fbholmes2008@gmail.com to collect your 7-Eleven Gas Card. Happy racing!

On Tuesday, August 29, the Cross Country Challenge will once again take place at Kennett Middle School, 5 P.M.  This 5K trail race pits teams from Kennett High School, Kennett Middle School, Fryeburg, Academy, and the White Mountain Milers against each other for bragging rights and the coveted massive bags of chocolate from Coach Tim Livingston. If you don’t win the chocolate, you can enjoy the post race Subway Subs and desserts.  The entry fee for the race is free but potluck desserts will get you lots of thanks!  Check out whitemountainmilers.com for further info.

I, and the running community, would like to offer condolences to the families of Eric Pendleton and Yan Tatkhin.  Both of these men were part of our running family and will be missed.  When checking over the times of the original Buck for Bernie, I remembered Eric was on my Team, Team One or maybe we were Team Two, way back when.  We made history those many years ago, and now that tradition continues. Yan was a smiling face welcoming people at the top of the Rockpile when we finished the Mount Washington Road Race and he attended many of the Tuesday Night Summer Series Runs. Run well.

“In the beginning it is very hard to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners.  Eventually you will realize that the competition is against a little voice inside you that wants you to quit.”  –anonymous

Upcoming Races and Weekly Runs: (Please note: All of these events listed are for runners and walkers!)


  • Every Wednesday, Breakfast Run: 6:45 a.m. walk/run and 7 a.m., with 4-mile and 3-mile loops. Meet behind the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. Always followed by breakfast.
  • Sunday Group Runs: Check whitemountainmilers.com or White Mountain Milers on Facebook for details. whitemountainmilers.com
  • Saturday Aug 5: 4th Annual MIdnight Owl 15K Prediction Run, North Conway, racemenu.com
  • Saturday Aug 5: Rev. Dr. George F. Dole Celebration 3 Mile Road Race, dole3miler.com
  • Saturday Aug 5: 13th Annual OHW 5K Road Race Freedom NH, freedomoldhomeweek.net
  • Tuesday Aug 8: Madison Old Home Week 5K
  • Tuesday Aug 15: Awards Night at the White Mountain Miler Summer Series 5:30 PM, Whitaker Woods (whitemountainmilers.com)
  • Sunday Aug 20:  Great Glen Trails 7K Trail Run–Biathlon Benefit  (Sean Doherty’s Olympic Biathlon Bid) whitemountainmilers.com
  • Tuesday Aug 29:  Cross Country Challenge, Kennett Middle School, 5 P.M., whitemountainmilers.com
  • Sunday Sep 9:  Gaige McCue Memory 5K Race (gaigemccuememoryscholarship on Facebook)
  • Sunday Sep 24:  Kismet Cliff Run, North Conway (lightboxreg.com)
  • Sunday Oct 29: White Mountain Milers Half Marathon (wmmhalf.com)


Donna Cormier is an avid runner and walker, cyclist, hiker, paddleboarder, skier, and massage therapist with a new office at 50 Seavey Street, NoCo. For more running information, ideas and contributions, race reviews and results, reach Donna at dmcorm21@gmail.com See you on the run!


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