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On Saturday, April 14, three of us Brian Otis, Joe LaRue, and I, finished the Tough Ruck Marathon in Concord, MA.  The weather on race morning was cool with a promise of some sunshine later followed by cooler temps and wind in the afternoon.  The best news was it was going to stay dry!


There were 739 Tough Ruck Athletes: 397 Lightweight Civilians (15 pound minimum backpack), 144 Heavy Weight Civilians (35 pound minimum pack) and 154 Heavyweight Military (Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard and Retirees),and 44 Military Lightweight.  Anyone in the military category had to comply with AR-670-2, which means they had to wear the appearance of Army Uniforms and insignia or equivalent for branch of service. This meant there were 198 Tough Ruckers in full military uniforms, including their boots!  

This ruck takes place along the Minuteman Path and being Patriots Weekend, we were witness to reenactments of the fight for freedom, complete with horses, muskets, fife and drum corps, and cannons.  The course circles around so you get to see the historical sites at least 4 times and the other ruckers 4 times. You feel like friends by the last lap!

For my ruck, I carried 22 pounds in my pack which they weighed before the start and after I finished.  I felt really good and managed a 6:11 finish time, a good 30 minutes faster than last year and good for 17th overall, 4th female, 1st in 61+ age group. All finishers receive a Boston Marathon Medal and the apres-run party was fun with food, beer, music, massages, and I won a cannon!

Boston Marathon Monday was not so lucky with the weather, unfortunately.  Rain, coming down so hard with wind, was living up to it’s 1-2” prediction. I believe it’s going down in history books as the worst weather ever for this 122 year old event.

I caught up (never can do this running!) with Linda Parrish who, in spite of the weather, managed to finish in a net time of 4:19:28!  Parrish finished 7th in her age group and will receive a special top 20 age group finishers t-shirt.

When headed to the start in Hopkinton, which turned into mud football like experience, Linda wore lots of layers, including two rain ponchos, a garbage bag, a headband, a duct-taped ball cap (duct tape made it waterproof), tights, and plastic bags to keep her feet dry. Linda felt many marathoners just did not respect the weather and did not dress accordingly.  At about 4 miles, Linda tossed the poncho and garbage bag and felt comfortable for most of the race. At mile 23, Linda’s family gave her a much needed boost sharing their love and cheering her on. She felt her nagging ankle injury was back but not too bad. Coming down to the finish line, Linda became very emotional when she heard the announcer call her name, “Linda Parrish, Albany, NH, finishing her 29th Boston Marathon”!

Congratulations, Linda. Here’s looking toward your 30th in 2019!

For the tenth year, I volunteered by giving massages at the finish of the marathon.  We had 51 tables set up and when the first finishers appeared in their Boston Marathon Heat Sheet Blankets, I thought we were in trouble. Volunteers gave the runners hot broth which they had trouble holding and drinking because they were shivering so badly.  Many of the runners did not have dry clothing with them so we wrapped them in mylar, massaged them to get their blood flow going, and then had to send them back out into the weather to their hotels and homes. Some runners were sent to the medical area for more help than we could give them.  According to the BAA, more than 2,500 runners, including 25 elite athletes, received medical treatment, and eighty-one runners were taken to the hospital.

I met runners from all over the world, including one gentleman who was part of the QCC, Quarter Century Club with Linda Parrish for his 34 year Boston Streak.  I also met 82-year-old Tony Cerminaro, Sr. of PA, who had to abandon his Boston at 20 miles because of the cold. I helped Tony to call his family who came to the massage area to pick him up.  Tony had run a 4:14:10 in the 2017 Boston Marathon at age 81, and had hoped to keep his first place in the 80+ age group. Next year, Tony. The massage team worked with 455 marathoners on Monday and I’m proud to be a part of this team.

The White Mountain Milers Trash Pick-Up Day is planned for Wednesday, May 2nd.  Trash Queen Catherine Kyle will award gloves, trash bags, and your very own section of her kingdom to clean.  Meet at First Bridge starting at 6:45 AM and be prepared to join the Wednesday Breakfast Club.

Volunteers are still needed for two home Kennett Track and Field Events on Tuesday 4/24/18 @ 4pm and Tuesday 5/8/17 @ 4pm. Kennett is also hosting the Division 2 State Track Championship once again, this year on Saturday 5/26/18. If you can help at any of these events, please contact Bernie Livingston at  

Contact Clothing Czar Frank Holmes at 447-4365 or email him at for all your White Mountain Miler Gear.  Wear your gear in a race, place in the race, have your photo taken and with the finish information send it to Frank for a $20 7-Eleven Gas/Merchandise Card.  

You may want your new clothing for the 2nd Annual Waldorf Forest 5k Family Fun Trail Run in Albany on Saturday April 28.  This race benefits the White Mountain Waldorf School. Go to  On Sunday, April 29,  you can run the 10th Annual Running Rascals 5K Race in Effingham.  Go to for more info.

“Every runner has a story, and on Marathon Monday we get to share the start line and the road and move together forward.”  –Des Linden, first American Female Winner of the Boston Marathon in 33 years.

Upcoming Races and Weekly Runs: (Please note: All of these events listed are for runners and walkers!  Sign up early for extra savings on many races.)

  • Every Wednesday, Breakfast Run: 6:45 a.m. walk 7am run, with 4-mile and 3-mile loops. Meet behind the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. Always followed by breakfast.
  • Sunday Group Runs: Check or White Mountain Milers on Facebook for details.
  • Saturday Apr 28: 2nd Annual Waldorf Forest 5k Family Fun Trail Run Albany
  • Sunday Apr 29: 10th Annual Running Rascals 5K Effingham Carol Viens 539-6032 or
  • Wednesday May 2:  White Mountain Milers Road Trash Pick-up
  • Sunday May 6: White Mountain Milers Breakfast Run.
  • Saturday & Sunday May 5&6: White Lake Ultras
  • Thursday May 10: Salomon Spring Trail Running/Walking Series
  • Saturday May 26: Race for Reading, A Color 5K,
  • Saturday Jun 2:  King Pine Tri & Duathlon
  • Saturday Jun 9:  Black Fly in My Eye
  • Saturday & Sunday Jun 9&10:  Moe Z Moose Challenge Tamworth
  • Tuesday Jun 12: Start of the WMM Summer Trail Race Series, 5:30, Whitaker Woods.
  • Saturday Jun 16: Mount Washington Road Race
  • Saturday Jun 16: Chocorua Mountain Race
  • Sunday Jul 1: Cranmore Hill Climb 5K
  • Sunday Jul 14: Tunnels to Towers 5K North Conway


Donna Cormier is a licensed massage therapist, avid runner and walker, cyclist, hiker, paddle boarder, skier, with a new office at 50 Seavey Street, NoCo. For more running information, ideas, contributions, race reviews and results, reach Donna at See you on the run!


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