Massage Questions

What type of massage should I ask for?
Please go to my “Choose a Massage” Page to see what types of massages are offered.  With your input, I will help you decide  which type of massage would be most beneficial to you.

 What should I wear?
Except for as noted below, you will be unclothed to your comfort and draped with a sheet with only areas being worked on uncovered.
I use only natural oils and lotions, made locally when possible.  I also carry Biofreeze Gels.
If you would like a Myofascial Release Treatment, please wear comfortable shorts and for women a sports bra or tank top.
For a Zero Balance Treatment or Thai Yoga Massage, please wear comfortable clothing, long loose sweat pants or yoga wear and a long sleeve shirt.  No shorts please.

How do I prepare for my massage?

I recommend you do not eat too close to your appointment time (one hour), and please be on time.
Be ready to relax and please let me know if anything is especially bothering you and of any changes since your last massage. 


What do I do after my massage?
You should always drink plenty of water and after a massage to keep your muscles hydrated. Restrict activity for the rest of the day and a warm bath is beneficial.  Occasionally, as your muscles readjusts to being in a more relaxed and correct state, there may be some discomfort.  This should pass within a short time.